This is a little Honda 2 Stroke from the mid 1980’s.  She is a Honda NS125F in Rothmans colours but sadly in need of an awful lot of TLC.  I started to strip the NS down in late September 2012 and have posted pictures in chronological order of how she looked when I first got her / during the strip down phase / the various components pre restoration/ post restoration / and finally the bike under re-assembly… and today (2nd Jan 2013) complete !

The key consideration for me in starting this project was that the bike was complete and original.  The engine turned over fine but I decided not to start it until I had stripped it for inspection as I didn’t know the state of the oil / coolant / etc.  During the resto I often wished I had tested the engine and gearbox first to make sure it was OK but was very relieved when I finally put it back in the frame and it started 3rd kick and ran perfectly.

Although the bike was complete, as you can see from the photo’s it was in a pretty poor state and I’ve had to spend a lot of time and effort restoring every component.

The major items including the purchase of replacement parts :-

  • Forks (The originals were too badly pitted to consider re-use)
  • Fork Seals and Oil
  • Yokes / Headstock Bearings
  • New Rear Monoshock
  • Frame & Swinging Arm Blasting and Powdercoating
  • New Swing Arm Bushes
  • Preparing, Priming and Painting all other parts
  • New Rear Tyre
  • New Battery
  • New Exhaust Silencer
  • New Clutch Cable
  • New Levers
  • New Drive Chain
  • Decals
  • New Bolts / Nuts / Screws / Washers throughout




9 thoughts on “NS125F

  1. Hi, do you know of any other places/websites to get parts? I have one the ns125f but cant find fairings or a taillight anywhere.

    • Hi Shane – have not found any other places I’m afraid. Just set up a saved search on e-bay and check every day. There are always items appearing. Hope you get what you need. Cheers Pete

  2. Hi, I had one in 1988 same model and fancied another. I think whoever had it before me dropped it, but its back to full health now. I found the 2 black corner pieces, rad guard a NOS solo seat cowl, inners for the front fairing cowl and repaired it as one of the inner lugs had been broken. I’ve also got the side panels (trofeo) and the fork covers I had on my ns. I started a group on facebook for ns125f and r members back in May and have 80 odd members from home and abroad. We have some really knowledgable members from Italy who have provided pdf’s with original Honda paint specs. and workshop manuals. The group is called NS125 UK and has been great for info. and parts. Their is also a good site for checking how many of a type are on the road or sorn – howmanyleft.co.uk. I’ve started a new build (nut and bolt) with a frame etc from one of the members, thanks for the inspiration. Joel

  3. Sure I’ll post some up on my group, just getting ready for her MOT swapping forks over etc – group is NS125 UK if you would like to join, otherwise I’ll send you some when she is back together 😉 my email jncampb70@hotmail.com

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