Sherpa 250

I bought this Sherpa 250 T Model 198A around March 2011.  I was actually looking for a trials bike to use on a regular basis but when it arrived I knew that it was in too nice condition to play around on and fall off…so I decided to tidy it up a wee bit and create another show bike.

It had recently been restored to a very high standard but there were a few bits and pieces that  I needed to make it 100% perfect :-

  • The splines on the Kick Start were badly worn so it needed a replacement
  • The brake and clutch levers were modern Japanese style so replaced with Amals
  • The fuel tap and fuel cap had a lot of paint overspray and  needed stripping and cleaning
  • A few of the nuts and bolts were slightly chewed so any non Bultaco original ones were replaced
  • The seat cover had to be repaired
  • Serviced and cleaned the rear Koni shocks
  • It did not come with a side stand so a friend has made a perfect Bultaco replica
  • A full clean and polish (sounds like the dentist !!)
  • And today..I broke the rear it will have a new one fitted

Anyway here are some photo’s for you to have a look at :-



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