TY 250R

Here are some ‘ before’ and ‘after’ photo’s of the TY250R restoration that was completed in Feb 2011.  It is a genuine original bike (with matching engine and frame serial numbers) which had been upgraded in the 1980’s with the addition of both front and (unusually) rear Talon Hydraulic  Disc Brake conversions, Akront wheels and Sammy Miller silencer.

A full ‘nut and bolt’ restore was carried out, cleaning and reusing  where possible and renewing where necessary. Engine was only stripped to inspect piston/barrel wear + clutch.   All in good condition so no additional work necessary. Crankcases have never been split and bottom end and gearbox seem perfect.

Frame was plasticote primed then plasticote sprayed.  Tank specially primed and sprayed with graphics signwritten on top (to prevent vapour leak damage as always happens with plastic tanks)

Started first kick when reassembled and is now ready for the Scottish Motorcycle Show in March 2011



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