KE 175 B

We owned this for around 20 years before I got round to restoring it.  I acquired it from a young lady who had spent a fortune having it professionally custom painted  in black metalflake.  It was an awesome paint job – but sadly not really suitable for a trail bike.  Picture below are all post restoration.  Will dig out some of the pre-restoration ones in due course

It won a Highly Commended Award in the Scottish Bike show Classics in 2006 and 2010





3 thoughts on “KE 175 B

  1. Fantastic looking bike there mate… Better than new?
    My KE175 and yours are the only ones I can find online that have these indicators in these position. Do you know why?
    Most seem to be handlebar mounted on the front and just under the sides of the seat on the frame. (In this place I have two cylindrical frame mouldings for some reason, I can’t see how indicators would bolt to these anyway?)
    Mine is a 1978 UK marked model. (Maybe this is why? UK model?)

    • Thanks Matt

      I dont know about the indicators ..and yes this one also has 2 (unused) cylindrical frame mouldings

      Its interesting why there are (relatively) lots of Yamaha DT’s around but very few KE’s

      Lovely bikes

      Sadly I had to sell her due to lack of space and to finance my next project

      If I’d room I’d keep em all



  2. Thanks for getting back to me Pete.
    I know what you mean about keeping them all!
    Do you mind telling me what she went for?
    Mine’s in original unrestored condition, all working, present and correct and I’m wondering about full restoration or ride as is.
    If you want you can communicate privately with me through

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