Welcome to my site.

Over the years I have discovered that I am a bit of a  ‘petrolhead’ and am attracted to all things with an engine – particularly motorcycles.    I also seem to have an inbuilt need to fix things & to clean them up and have often thought that perhaps I enjoy working on my bikes as much as I enjoy riding them.

To complete my OCD tendencies I am also a bit of a perfectionist – when time, money and expertise exists – the end result has to be just perfect.

I have created separate pages for all my restoration projects..and also a page called older bikes where I have published pictures of all the bikes I have owned over the years

Thanks for visiting


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sir, I too am restoring a TY250R and I’ve taken great inspiration from your
    photos. I may not get to your amazing standard, but I would like to do something similar to your efforts with the fuel tank. My tank is plastic and has the petrol staining that cannot be removed. Can you elaborate on the painting process you undertook and whether it has proved successful since the bike was completed. If you could respond I’d apprecaite it. Thanks.

    • Hi Andy – Many thanks for viewing my site. This was my first attempt at painting a plastic tank and I did not use any special treatments. I just washed it inside and out left it to dry then 2 coats of Plastikote Spray Primer and 2 Coats of Plasticote spray white. I hand painted the decals using enamel paint. It look great – but unfortunately after 3 months the paint began to blister due to the fuel vapour seeping through the plastic. So if I was doing another one I would try some of the more specialised treatments that I have read about on other links. Hope this helps. Good luck with your restoration and give me a shout if you have any more questions. Regards, Pete

      • Thanks for your note. Since I wrote I have tried something called VHT Vinyl Dye which comes in a rattle-can. It looks fine right now and only time will tell if any blistering occurs, but it seems to the be the fate of many painted plastic tanks. Good luck with your TY, it looks awesome and I hope to get mine to that level. I went different and powder coated the frame black which
        really sets off the all the alloy and magnesium cases I’ve polished. Once complete I’lll post some pictures out there. Thanks again, and all the best.
        Andy, Brisbane, Australia.

  2. Hiya Peter.. just looked through your portfolio/website and realised you could be the very fellow/ neighbour to sort out the bad/smokey/rough bits on my old elr zed thou once you get back from your 6 weeker..
    Must have a chat regarding this.. cheers

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